19,000 Fans and a NEW GIVEAWAY!

It's finally here!

Here is the giveaway for reaching 19,000 fans on the Gluten-Free Ontario Facebook Fan Page.

Lots of yummy gluten-free goodies are included in this prize pack!  Don't forget - there's TWO prizes up for grabs! 
Each winner will receive everything shown in the picture above!

Eat Nakd are super yummy bars from the UK and contain all natural ingredients.  These bars are made of only fruits and nuts "smooshed" together and come in 4 delicious flavours.  My personal favourite, the Cocoa Orange, is reminiscent of a certain traditional chocolatey orange treat that you find in stores around Christmas time... except with no added sugar and no artificial ingredients.  Yum!

Mayacamas Fine Foods gluten-free Gravies, Pasta Sauce Mixes, Gourmet Sauces and Skillet Tosses are convenient and versatile.  The entire line is vegetarian and trans fat free and can be whipped up in no time! Brown Gravy takes the cake as the best-seller in Canada, with the Alfredo Mix a close second (my personal favourite!)

I've always loved sesame snaps but I know the kind you find in most stores aren't exactly the healthiest treat.  Now Sweetseeds fills the void with three healthy flavours - Quinoa, Golden Flax and Salba Chia. Sweetened with brown rice syrup, these treats are packed with fibre and magnesium, not to mention full of flavour!
Good luck!! Enter below.

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17,000 Fans and Italpasta Giveaway!

Italpasta Gluten Free
It's that time again!!

We've reached another milestone on the Facebook Fan Page - 17,000 fans - and that means we have another giveaway!

Italpasta has developed yummy gluten-free pasta, composed of both rice and corn.  The best part about this pasta is that it doesn't fall apart like most other gluten-free pasta!

You can find it in most major grocery stores in the regular pasta aisle.

And now for your chance to win a prize pack from Italpasta!

The prize box will include Italpasta gluten-free pasta, Misura gluten-free pasta and Vitale Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce.

Good luck!
Enter below to win a prize pack valued at $50!
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16,000 Fans and GlutenTox Giveaway!

Haven't you ever wished there was a way to ensure your food is really gluten-free?

Well, GlutenTox has a kit you can use right in the comfort of your own home to test for traces of gluten!!  The test can detect 5 ppm (parts per million) or 20 ppm.  20 ppm is deemed the "safe" level for those with Celiac Disease.  Currently, there is no test that can tell you whether a product contains 0 ppm.

I was lucky enough to receive a kit containing two tests to experiment with.  Oh, the endless choices of what to test for gluten!
The first kit I used to test a batch of gluten-free flour I picked up at Bulk Barn from a bulk bin.  Please note, I do not ever use flour from bulk bins.  I just don't have enough trust in other people to use the right scoops.  The Bulk Barn location I go to has rye flour directly next to the gluten-free bins.

The blue line below is the "control" line to show that the test is working properly.  If it was positive for gluten, there would be a pink line beside it.

I had totally expected the test result to show up positive for gluten but it says negative. Who knows what goes on in those bulk bins when you're not looking, especially when there's so much room for error.

This test result is not an endorsement for gluten-free flour from a bulk bin.
Up next, I couldn't decide what to use the second test kit for.

That is, until I visited La Veranda Osteria at Royal York and Bloor in Toronto.  I ordered the pizza.  It certainly looked and tasted yummy (doesn't it look good?!) but I did not feel well later that evening.

Perfect opportunity to use the test kit!  Was that pizza really gluten-free?!

I mashed up a small bit of the crust and proceeded to follow the instructions.

And lo and behold, positive for gluten!!  (As indicated by the pink line.)  While I know the crust was made from gluten-free ingredients, I am assuming they have unsafe procedures for preparing the pizza.  I will be talking with the owners about this in the future.
Wouldn't you like the chance to test your own food for traces of gluten?! This test gives me peace of mind that I am consuming safe foods.
Enter below to win one of two 2-pack GlutenTox test kits!

The kits containing 2 tests normally retail for $29.95, plus shipping and HST.

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