Embrun - Wilson Bakery

Wilson Bakery is located in Embrun, Ontario (near Ottawa) and offers some gluten-free treats.

I connected with the owners online through Facebook and Twitter.

Currently, Wilson Bakery will create your gluten-free treats specially made just for you.  They began making gluten-free baked products after a family member was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and they realized there was a lot of demand for goodies that could be enjoyed by those unable to eat gluten.

I gotta say... I'm a huge fan of their logo - it's pink!

They do offer regular gluteny creations also.  I asked about the methods used to prevent cross-contamination in their bakery and here's what they told me:

Thanks for asking. Cross contamination is something we take very seriously. Currently we are an on demand bakery so it is easy to control.
We keep all of our ingredients separated and in sealed containers. We buy only from suppliers we know and trust.
We dont buy from Bulk Barn as we cant control the cross contamination. Prior to baking everything is cleaned carefully and then we bake.
On days when we have both products being baked the GF is baked first then packaged to ensure no contamination.
When we have a store front in the Spring we will have a separate enclosed kitchen.

So this is not a dedicated gluten-free facility but they do take the gluten-free diet very seriously!

The moment I saw on Twitter that they had created a gluten-free croissant, I knew I had to get my hands on some.  So I ordered online and had them shipped to my house.

While not quite the exact consistency and texture I remember croissants having, the taste was incredible.  I am told Wilson Bakery is still perfecting the recipe to create a flaky, airy pastry more similar to regular croissant and I have no doubt that they will not stop until it is perfect.

A gluten-free croissant is the perfect compliment to some gluten-free soup on a cool day.

I also got some gluten-free sugar cookies with icing and sprinkles - mmm!


Gluten-Free CONDENSED Cream of Mushroom Soup

So last week I posted about Campbell's list of gluten-free soup and everyone was excited.

However, there was an outcry for Campbell's to make their condensed mushroom soup gluten-free so everyone could make their favourite recipes again.  Settle down... no, Campbell's has not changed their formula.

But I have good news... I found gluten-free CONDENSED CREAM OF MUSHROOM SOUP!!

......drum roll please......

Pacific Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup - it may not be Campbell's but it should make for a good stand in for your recipes.  Plus, it's organic!

From their website:

Quick, easy meals get a modern update.

A savory base of mushrooms combined with garlic and crème fraiche from our founder's farms deliver a delicious, robust flavor that your family is sure to love.  Get creative in the kitchen! As versatile as it is delicious, our Cream of Mushroom Soup is great as a base for soups, casseroles and sauces.

Here's the ingredients:

Filtered water
Organic mushrooms
Organic créme fraîche (organic cultured cream [milk])
Organic rice starch
Organic rice flour
Sea salt
Organic whey powder [milk]
Organic onion powder
Organic garlic powder

Contains: milk

I have not tried it yet... still deciding what to make.  Anyone have some vegetarian suggestions for condensed mushroom soup?


Holy Crap!

Organic chia, organic hulled hemp hearts and organic buckwheat - who could ask for more?

Holy Crap is a versatile gluten-free, vegan, nut-free no-cooking-required cereal that is filling and tasty. It has dried cranberries, raisins, cinnamon and apple bits for a yummy combo.

Skinny B has the same main ingredients but no added fruit or cinnamon.

Both are a great source of fiber, protein, omega 3, iron and calcium.

My favourite way to enjoy Holy Crap? A couple spoons mixed with Greek yogurt and Vega Shake & Go Smoothies mix. Yum!


Pastariso Instant Rice Mac & Cheese Meal

This product sounded promising in my catalog at work. Just add water, heat in the microwave and eat. Unfortunately, the taste was a little less than exciting. The noodles were pretty good... The sauce just didn't taste like real cheese. I didn't really expect it to so I shouldn't complain.

I likely won't be purchasing this product again unless I'm feeling really lazy.


I am vegetarian and GF and I just ate a burger

I haven't eaten meat in nearly 13 years.  But boy, was that burger ever good!

Let me start from the beginning.  My vegetarianism started as a joke.  

When I was 12 my mom made some kinda meat dish for which I had a particular distaste and I told her I wasn't going to eat it.  I guess this had become a regular thing... her going through the effort of providing healthy meals from all food groups and me pushing away the meat part.  

She told me, "Well then why don't you become a vegetarian!"  

I scoffed, "Maybe I will!"  

And the vegetarian in me was born.  I've been veggie ever since.

I bet my mother regrets suggesting the idea... it made dinner time quite challenging at home.

I don't miss meat.  I never liked it.  Don't like the taste.  The texture.  The thought of it.  Bleh.  If you eat meat, don't worry... I don't hate you.

When I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I thought that meant an end to my veggie burger days.  
First, there was the bun - how was I going to eat a burger without a bun?  Second, most veggie burgers are made from wheat gluten.  Pure poison.  I read label after label of veggie burger products, only to be disappointed by those six letters - G-L-U-T-E-N !!

Then I found Sol Cuisine.

Most of their products are gluten-free.  They make veggie burgers, Sol ground, falafels and breakfast patties. (They have one burger which is not GF - it has spelt... and some versions they make for restaurants have wheat gluten) 

The picture at the top of this post features the Mushroom Burger.

So whether you're a vegetarian looking for a safe burger or you just want a healthier, low-fat, low calorie burger option, check out Sol Cuisine products!

Can you meat eaters really tell me that these veggie burgers don't look appetizing?!

Here's another picture for the road - the Sweet Curry Burger (previously known as just "Vegetable Burger").

By the way, the buns in the pictures are from Udi's.

Anyone else a gluten-free vegetarian out there?


Jack Astor's Gluten-Free - Part 2

This is a follow up post to the post I made two weeks ago on my visit to Jack Astor's.  A few of you expressed concern about the cross-contamination issues at Jack Astor's, in particular the fries and nachos.  I can't speak for all locations but I emailed the Sherway Gardens location in Etobicoke (Toronto) to ask about the possibility of cross contamination issues with the fryers.  

The Assistant General Manager at the Sherway location says it is standard practice at Jack Astor's to have dedicated fryer for the fries and nachos (together) so both of them are gluten-free.  The other, non-gluten-free menu items are cooked in a different fryer.

Hi Jax, 

The nacho chips themselves are fried first thing in the morning prior to lunch service, and again prior to dinner service.  They are fried in the same fryer that we cook our fries in.  So there is no cross-contamination.  Our fries are not coated in flour, they are simply potatoes.  Other products that are coated in flour are raw proteins thus are cooked in a separate fryer all together. This is standard practice at Jack Astor's. All products are stored in separate containers per ingredient.  Now with other items, as long as we know in advance of the allergy, we will prepare the food to order separately.  For example, rice noodles, or vegetables that would usually be cooked in the steam basket with pasta would be cooked in a separate pot altogether. It's a little more labour intensive, but we like to make sure that we give our guests what they ask for. Hope that answers your questions. 


Carmina Trajano 
Assistant General Manager 
Jack Astor's Sherway Gardens 

I suggest asking your local Jack Astor's to make sure they follow the same procedures.  Hopefully your location is also safe because the nachos are delicious!

Campbell's Gluten-Free Soups

Yes, everything in this photo is gluten-free!!
Remember sitting down to a bowl of Campbell's Soup when you were a kid?

I certainly do.  I remember "helping" my parents make it by filling up the empty can with water to add to the soups.

You can still enjoy Campbell's Soups even on a gluten-free diet because they offer a list of their gluten-free products!!  They even include GLUTEN-FREE right on the packages of the GF products.
Pictured above is Campbell's Soup in Tomato with Basil and Oregano.  This is a condensed soup so I added one can of water and heated it on the stove.  Add some crushed crackers (Suzie's Crackers from Costco, in the picture at the top) - quick and easy lunch!

So what are you waiting for?  Go out and get yourself some mainstream gluten-free soups at regular prices, available at just about all major grocery stores and even small stores, corner stores... everywhere!

I suggest going to their website for the most current list... but as of right now, the list of gluten-free products includes:

V8 V-Plus® High Fibre Low Sodium
Prego® Original 375 mL, 645 mL
Vegetable Broth

Campbell's Condensed
Chicken Rice
Chicken with White and Wild Rice
Tomato with Basil and Oregano

Campbell's Healthy Request®
Healthy Request New England Clam Chowder

Chunky™ Chicken & Sausage Gumbo
Chunky™ Homestyle Chili
Chunky™ Hot & Spicy Chili
Chunky™ Split Pea with Ham
Chunky™ Turkey

Harvest Mushroom with Real Cream
Red Pepper Black Bean

Habitant® Pea with Garden Vegetables

Prego® Pasta Sauces
Prego® Mushroom & Green Pepper 645 mL
Prego® Mushroom 1.75 L
Prego® Mushroom 645 mL
Prego® Original 1.75 L
Prego® Tomato Onion & Garlic 645 mL

V8 V-Fusion®
V8 V-Fusion® Acai Mixed Berry 1.36 L
V8 V-Fusion® Cranberry Blackberry 1.36 L
V8 V-Fusion® Passionfruit Tangerine 1.36 L
V8 V-Fusion® Peach Mango 1.36 L
V8 V-Fusion® Pomegranate Blueberry 1.36 L
V8 V-Fusion® Pomegranate Blueberry 354 mL
V8 V-Fusion® Strawberry Banana 1.36 L
V8 V-Fusion® Strawberry Banana 354 mL

V8 V-Go® Smooth and Seasoned 354mL
V8 V-Go® Smooth and Seasoned 156mL
V8® Low Sodium 156mL
V8® Original 1.89L/950mL
V8® Original 156mL
V8® Original 250mL
V8® Original 354mL

V8® Soups
Campbell's® V8® Soup Golden Autumn Carrot
Campbell's® V8® Soup Sweet Corn with Chipotle

Other Products
Pace® Chunky Salsa – Mild
Pace® Chunky Salsa – Medium
Pace® Chunky Salsa – Hot
Pace® Picante Sauce – Mild
Pace® Picante Sauce – Medium
V8 Splash® Berry Blend
V8 Splash® Tropical Blend


Gluten-Free Products in Canada - Trade Show

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a natural health trade show in Toronto this weekend.  The trade show is where natural health retailers get the inside scoop on products (and deals) with their suppliers and get to talk one-on-one with the people behind each company and try out free samples.  In other words, it's the adult Halloween for health freaks :)

Unfortunately, the trade show is not open to the public.  I was able to go because I work in a health food store.

Anyway, on with the show.

I was there to network for the store but I ended up getting a chance to network for the Website, Facebook Page and Blog as well!

Here are some pictures of the booths that I checked out... 
Some are new gluten-free products to Canada, some are just new to me or rediscovered.  

I'd like to apologize for the crappy pictures.  I used my iPod and well, the quality isn't too great.

** Please do not ask me which stores carry these products.  If you are interested in purchasing a product, you may contact the company - I've included links to each of their websites for your convenience. They are likely able to help you better and faster than I can :) **

First up, Martin's Marvelous Naturals.  The crisps and granola come in a variety of flavours and use certified pure, uncontaminated oats.  They are made in a completely gluten-free facility and are certified gluten-free in the US.  Due to Canadian label laws, in Canada they are called "wheat, rye, barley-free."
Mapleton's Organics ice cream is gluten-free!  They even have seasonal flavours - Pumpkin for Fall, Candy Cane at Christmas time and Dandelion in the Spring.
NEW! Natur-a will soon be introducing gluten-free almond milk!  And it is enriched with vitamins, too.  Yum!  Should be available in November 2011.
NEW! Kinnikinnick offers gluten-free pie crusts! 
 Some more Kinnikinnick products - yummy cookies!  Ginger, Chocolate Chip, Kinni-Toos in vanilla and chocolate, plus Graham Crackers for S'mores!
NEW! Kinnikinnick will soon be introducing these new Thin Crust Pizza Crusts!  Available in packages of two.
Sol Cuisine gluten-free veggie burgers - always a favourite of mine!  This new packaging coming to stores soon.
NEW! GlutenFreeda's is introducing these new Pizza Wraps!
NEW! GlutenFreeda's cheesecake will be available in three flavours - New York Style, Chocolate and Strawberry.

Life Choices makes these gluten-free All Beef Hot Dogs.  I didn't sample because I don't eat meat.  I'm sure they're yummy, for you meat-eaters. (My picture won't flip...)
Finally someone posed for me!  O'Doughs gluten-free products truly are great.  Pizza crust (with handy tomato sauce packets), muffins, buns and bread.
NEW! Remember last month when I raved about gluten-free perogies I got in Buffalo?  They're coming, baby!!  Conte's gluten-free products should be available in Ontario in November/December 2011.  Line up includes gluten-free perogies, ravioli, gnocchi and pizza!
NEW! Conte's gluten-free pizzas!
Zevia is a sugar-free, gluten-free soda.
Food Should Taste Good offers a wide range of gluten-free tortilla chips, in some non-traditional flavours.
Enjoy Life products are free of the top allergens - they have bars, cookies, chocolate chips, granola (no oats) and trail mix.
Some more Enjoy Life products!
Kettle Kitchen gluten-free soups!  
Prana organic nuts and dried fruit.  mmm
Peg stand of gluten-free Prana products.
Cavena is an oat product made with pure, uncontaminated oats.  They are tested and repeatedly show under 5PPM of gluten (the lowest level detectable).  I was even given the test results to show the undetectable gluten.  It cooks up like rice and their website offers a lot of recipes.
The Simply Bar contacted me via Twitter and asked me to stop by.  I got these samples of their gluten-free, vegan, low-glycemic bars to try out.
Rizopia gluten-free pasta - rice and wild rice in different shapes.
Nancy's - yogurt available in cultured soy (dairy-free) and dairy, with probiotics.  They also have cottage cheese and cream cheese.
Kind bars - made with nuts and fruit.
JYOTi has homestyle canned Indian dishes.  All of their products are gluten-free!
Namaste is a popular line of gluten-free mixes.
Purely Bulk gluten-free mixes - the banana bread is amazing!  My friends didn't believe the banana muffins were gluten-free.
Allergic Solution is a local product from the GTA.  Available mixes - egg bread, egg-free bread, pancake & waffle, vanilla cake, carob cake and muffin mix.  I got a sample of the pancake & waffle mix and can't wait to try it out!  Review coming soon.
Tons of raw food that is also gluten-free.
Lucy's Cookies are made with certified pure, uncontaminated oats.
MimicCreme products are dairy-free cream alternatives for coffee and in your favourite recipes.  Made with cashews and almonds.  They even have a non-dairy whipping cream!  This new packaging will be out soon.
Barkat products and Pastariso products.
Gluten-Free Gingerbread House Kit available from El Peto!!  Sounds like fun.
Patsy Pie gluten-free products - muffins, cookies and biscotti.
NEW!  Not even on their website yet - Patsy Pie gluten-free pie crust!
PaneRiso products - one of the first companies to come out with gluten-free products in Canada. 
NEW! Gluten-free macaroons from Mrs Crimbles.
NEW! Mrs Crimbles gluten-free crackers and "bites" - like puffed crackers.
NEW! Mrs Crimbles gluten-free rice cakes, coated with chocolate or yogurt. (Wow, this isn't a good picture... sorry!)
StarLite Soy Taquitos are vegan and gluten-free.
Gluten-free Blue Diamond Nut-Thins - crackers made with nuts and rice flour.  Different flavours available.
Pamela's Products offers ready made snacks and gluten-free mixes.
San-J offers a nice range of gluten-free tamari sauce and Asian cooking sauces.
Farmer's Market Organic Foods canned pumpkin and squash.  This is the pumpkin I use for my Pumpkin Bites :)
NEW! Stickling's Bakery gluten-free bread crumbs and croutons.  They also make a large pizza crust and they are coming out with an individual size crust, too.
Wholesome Sweeteners organic sugar.  Made in a dedicated gluten-free facility.
Erewhon gluten-free cereals.
NEW! Gillian's gluten-free breads, buns, croutons and cookie dough.  I sampled the cinnamon raisin bun - wow!  Very fluffy.

Always a favourite - Udi's gluten-free products.  Best bread around.  They will have new products coming to Canada in 2012!  Not pictured... but they include brownie bites, omega flax fiber bread, frozen pizzas - (margherita, cheese and pepperoni) and fortified muffin tops!
NEW! GAGA for Gluten-Free products are made in a dedicated gluten-free facility and available in chocolate chip, chocolate chocolate chip and shortbread.
NEW! I was just about to head out of the trade show when this RUDI's display caught my eye!  Heard about these guys online and turns out they are coming in 2012 to Canada!  Unfortunately, they did not have samples at the show (I know, crazy, right?!) but I'm hoping they will be nice enough to send me a sample.  (Pretty please, Rudi's?)

So there it is, GFO readers.  Lots of new stuff coming to Canada and it was SO nice to see hundreds of products out there and meet the wonderful people behind the labels.  
What I didn't post was the massive amount of samples I ate while at the show.  I learned last year to go on an empty stomach because there is truly enough food for breakfast AND lunch.