Jack Astor's Gluten-Free

I never thought I'd see the day where I could walk into a handful of restaurants in my own end of the city (Toronto) and order gluten-free food right off the menu without the server looking at me like I had two heads.

If you don't believe me that there are tons of restaurants out there offering gluten-free food, check out my website - Gluten-Free Ontario.

Yesterday I was out shopping when hunger struck.  I wondered what I was going to do then realized Jack Astor's was on the same block.

Over a year ago, I found out that Jack Astor's offers a gluten-free menu in their Nutrition Guide.  It lists any modifications the menu items need in order to be gluten-free.  It really is a treat to flip through a menu and decide what to order rather than being told to have a salad... with oil and vinegar dressing.

Jack Astor's Nachos
I like nachos.  I could eat them every day.  mmm and Jack Astor's Nachos are definitely yummy!  Thin corn chips with melted cheese, green onions, peppers, jalapeno and tomato, served with sour cream and salsa.

Jack Astor's Veggie Pad Thai
I realize the portion above looks really small but I assure you it is not.  The Pad Thai is made with rice noodles and veggies.

The server was kind enough to bring out the Nutrition Guide binder to the table since I did not have my printed list with me.  This includes 3 pages of gluten-free options!  As mentioned earlier, you can review the available options before visiting Jack Astor's.  The Nutrition Guide also has an allergy chart in case you have other allergies and/or intolerances.

Jack Astor's Nutrition Guide with Gluten-Free Options!
If you are close to a Jack Astor's I suggest you go in for some yummy gluten-free food.  A list of locations can be found on their website.


  1. Because of your blog, I went to Jack Astors tonight and ordered the Pad Thai, it was delicious, so thank you :) - fellow Celiacs girl

  2. I went to Jack Astor's last weekend with the family and I was impressed with the menu and more importantly the food. As it happened the manager had a gluten allergy so he was quite helpful!