Sponsors and Product Reviews

Gluten-Free Ontario is a non-profit reliable and honest resource for those following a gluten-free diet.  The website was started in July 2007 and lists restaurants and bakeries that offer gluten-free options.  The blog, started September 2011, features news and information particularly of interest to those who live in Ontario.

If you would like to sponsor Gluten-Free Ontario, please contact Jax through the website.  Since the website and blog are both non-profit, all sponsorships go toward advertising, hosting, the domain, business cards and other expenses.  More money for advertising means more readers, which also means more viewers to see the sponsors.  I reserve the right to choose Sponsors whose products I personally like and feel comfortable endorsing.

Product Reviews
The Gluten-Free Ontario Blog often features product reviews.  If you would like your products to appear on the blog you may send product samples to me for consideration.  Please keep in mind that I am vegetarian and have Celiac Disease (I'm not gluten-free just for the fun of it).  All products MUST be gluten-free and must not contain lard, gelatin or meat/fish.

Due to overwhelming response, I give review preference to companies who have sponsored the blog.  If you are interested in sponsoring Gluten-Free Ontario (your ad will appear on the website and the blog) please contact Jax.

Please note: Sending a product does not guarantee that it will be featured on the blog.  I do not write "puff pieces" (meaning, I am not bribed to write favourable reviews.)  If I like a product, I will likely say so.  If I do not like a product, I choose not to include it on the blog.

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