Embrun - Wilson Bakery

Wilson Bakery is located in Embrun, Ontario (near Ottawa) and offers some gluten-free treats.

I connected with the owners online through Facebook and Twitter.

Currently, Wilson Bakery will create your gluten-free treats specially made just for you.  They began making gluten-free baked products after a family member was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and they realized there was a lot of demand for goodies that could be enjoyed by those unable to eat gluten.

I gotta say... I'm a huge fan of their logo - it's pink!

They do offer regular gluteny creations also.  I asked about the methods used to prevent cross-contamination in their bakery and here's what they told me:

Thanks for asking. Cross contamination is something we take very seriously. Currently we are an on demand bakery so it is easy to control.
We keep all of our ingredients separated and in sealed containers. We buy only from suppliers we know and trust.
We dont buy from Bulk Barn as we cant control the cross contamination. Prior to baking everything is cleaned carefully and then we bake.
On days when we have both products being baked the GF is baked first then packaged to ensure no contamination.
When we have a store front in the Spring we will have a separate enclosed kitchen.

So this is not a dedicated gluten-free facility but they do take the gluten-free diet very seriously!

The moment I saw on Twitter that they had created a gluten-free croissant, I knew I had to get my hands on some.  So I ordered online and had them shipped to my house.

While not quite the exact consistency and texture I remember croissants having, the taste was incredible.  I am told Wilson Bakery is still perfecting the recipe to create a flaky, airy pastry more similar to regular croissant and I have no doubt that they will not stop until it is perfect.

A gluten-free croissant is the perfect compliment to some gluten-free soup on a cool day.

I also got some gluten-free sugar cookies with icing and sprinkles - mmm!

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  1. I tried a diabetic cake from Wilson bakery - please learn from my mistake, WORST CAKE EVER! Tasted like stale crumbly bread with laughing cow cheese smeared all over it.