I am vegetarian and GF and I just ate a burger

I haven't eaten meat in nearly 13 years.  But boy, was that burger ever good!

Let me start from the beginning.  My vegetarianism started as a joke.  

When I was 12 my mom made some kinda meat dish for which I had a particular distaste and I told her I wasn't going to eat it.  I guess this had become a regular thing... her going through the effort of providing healthy meals from all food groups and me pushing away the meat part.  

She told me, "Well then why don't you become a vegetarian!"  

I scoffed, "Maybe I will!"  

And the vegetarian in me was born.  I've been veggie ever since.

I bet my mother regrets suggesting the idea... it made dinner time quite challenging at home.

I don't miss meat.  I never liked it.  Don't like the taste.  The texture.  The thought of it.  Bleh.  If you eat meat, don't worry... I don't hate you.

When I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I thought that meant an end to my veggie burger days.  
First, there was the bun - how was I going to eat a burger without a bun?  Second, most veggie burgers are made from wheat gluten.  Pure poison.  I read label after label of veggie burger products, only to be disappointed by those six letters - G-L-U-T-E-N !!

Then I found Sol Cuisine.

Most of their products are gluten-free.  They make veggie burgers, Sol ground, falafels and breakfast patties. (They have one burger which is not GF - it has spelt... and some versions they make for restaurants have wheat gluten) 

The picture at the top of this post features the Mushroom Burger.

So whether you're a vegetarian looking for a safe burger or you just want a healthier, low-fat, low calorie burger option, check out Sol Cuisine products!

Can you meat eaters really tell me that these veggie burgers don't look appetizing?!

Here's another picture for the road - the Sweet Curry Burger (previously known as just "Vegetable Burger").

By the way, the buns in the pictures are from Udi's.

Anyone else a gluten-free vegetarian out there?


  1. Jax, there are food service veggie burgers made by Sol Cuisine that have wheat gluten.

  2. Gluten Free Vegan. Good post Jax.