CUTCO: Innovating Since 1949

(The following is a guest post from Ashley Pelley of CUTCO Canada.)

I discovered CUTCO in 2005 when a family that I was babysitting for purchased them from a University student. I was in awe of how sharp the knives were and how great they felt in my hand. That’s why, in 2006, when I heard about a job with CUTCO, I was excited for the possibility. It was through selling CUTCO (via direct sales and home shows- some of you might have seen our both at the Gluten-Free Expo in Toronto recently)- that I learned to listen to what customers love about CUTCO, and how to really share the best qualities of CUTCO with them. It’s not just the super sharp blades, or the guarantee (which is actually every bit as amazing as it sounds), but it’s the quality of the materials that go into every CUTCO knife that make them a product designed to last forever (with sharpening).

There are over 400 employees at our factory in Olean New York. In a day and age when most companies are outsourcing and turning to robotic and mechanical labour as much as possible, we stick to personal labour and sourcing jobs (for almost all of our products) in North America. I’ve had the chance to visit the factory a few times, and each time that I have visited, I’ve been greeted by employees who feel lucky to manufacture products that they know are making customers lives better.
I’m really proud to work for a company who is always searching for ways to make customers’ time in the kitchen easier and faster. Since going gluten-free in 2010, I have appreciated that even more. I rarely have the luxury of just grabbing something “on the way-“ my time in the kitchen has doubled (if not tripled)! CUTCO honestly makes my life easier every time I am in the kitchen- whether through slicing through crumbly bread or chopping up squash- and everything in between! I’m an employee, but I am also a customer.

Recently, I’ve watched some huge innovation happen behind the scenes here and I am so excited to share it. Since 1981, CUTCO has primarily been sold by University Students doing one on one presentations for customers. It’s worked really well- we’ve given tons of University Students great experience for their resumes and given them leadership experience that they might never have gotten otherwise. But no one sells CUTCO better than the people who would use it themselves all the time- and that’s not University Students.

On October 10th, Cooking With CUTCO was launched. It combines the best of both worlds –Cutlery and Cookware! The CUTCO Cooking Experience allows YOU to showcase our amazing products in action in the kitchen as well as educate your client on how to cook nutritious and healthy meals for their families, in a fast and cost effective manner. But most of all you will have a tonne of fun creating these experiences for yourself & your clients in their kitchen! This business is fun and easy - we will provide you with hands on training, video training and so much more!

For more info on how to become a Cooking Consultant, go to cookingwithcutco.ca

We’re launching in the GTA right now- if you’re interested, you can RSVP online for one of these Opportunity Meetings:

October 29, 7 - 8pm Mississauga
November 8, 7 - 8pm Toronto
November 12, 7 - 8pm Oshawa
November 22, 7 - 8pm Hamilton

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