MYTH: Blue Cheese Contains Gluten

Image source: sheknows.com
A long standing myth that just keeps getting passed around is that blue cheese contains gluten.

It is believed that because blue cheese is often started with mould grown on gluten, the finished product is not gluten-free.

You will read this in books, websites, forums, blogs -- just about everywhere.

Well, not on this blog.  I want you guys to see proven research that shows blue cheese is gluten-free.  You don't have to hold yourself back any longer.

Alexandra Anca, Registered Dietitian and sponsor of Gluten-Free Ontario, did some research and came to the following conclusion:

"We may conclude that blue cheese is safe for consumption as part of the gluten-free diet."

Read the full report.
So go ahead and eat that once forbidden blue cheese.

It's safe.

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