Natur-a Review!

Those of you with dairy allergies, lactose intolerance or who are vegan take note!

You can still enjoy your favourite cereal and recipes that call for milk with dairy-free beverages from Natur-a.

Fun fact:  Did you know that the word "milk" is prohibited from being used on products not sourced from an animal?  This is why you see the words "almond beverage" and "soy beverage" on these packaged products and not "almond milk" or "soy milk."

Lately, I have been enjoying my Chex cereal with Natur-a Enriched Almond Beverage.  I am loving that it is an enriched with great essentials!  Check out the Nutrition Facts below - it's loaded with vitamins and minerals, including the same amount of calcium you'd find in a regular glass of milk!

Or for those of you watching your calories and sugar intake, the unsweetened original Almond Beverage might be a better fit for you.  Not to worry... it's still loaded with vitamins and minerals.

They also make GMO-free soy beverages which contain 6g of protein per serving! (Cappuccino is my favourite!)

The rice beverage is also completely gluten-free and works great in all of your favourite recipes, like pancakes.

Natur-a is a fantastic Canadian company with tons of great options for those of you who cannot tolerate dairy.  Available in health food stores across Canada.

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Natur-a is also backed by Olympic Champion Clara Hughes!

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