Sweets from the Earth - Focaccia Review!

Focaccia is fun to say and even yummier to eat!!

At Gluten Free Garage over the weekend I picked up focaccia from Sweets from the Earth Sweets from the Earth is a Toronto-based vegan company with a dedicated gluten-free facility. (They also have a nut-free facility that uses gluten so make sure you're picking up gluten-free products in stores).

I was excited to try out the focaccia and scoured the internet for ideas on what to top it with.

I love rosemary and I was debating just trying it out without anything added but decided on a recipe from King Arthur called Mackinac Focaccia.

How could you go wrong?!  Zucchini, tomato, cheese and onion - yum!  I wanted to get my hands on more focaccia.

I called Sweets from the Earth to find out where I could purchase more of this product and to let you guys know where it is available... but it turns out, it's not actually available in stores yet :( It is currently only available when they attend trade shows showcasing the gluten-free products.  (I didn't know this prior to posting the picture/teaser on Facebook the other day.)

Maybe if we pester Sweets from the Earth to package this product, they will listen to our demands and get it in stores?! :)

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