NEW! Silver Hills Gluten-Free Healthy Breads!

 Ever wonder why there's no healthy gluten-free breads on the market?  If you've searched and searched for something with fiber, protein and other nutrients but keep getting disappointed by the abundance of starchy breads hidden behind "whole grain" labels, well your search is over... take a look at this!

Mack's Flax
Chia Chia
Silver Hills has introduced two flavours of gluten-free REAL whole grain bread:  Chia Chia and Mack's Flax.

Check it out:
  • Made with Organic Ingredients
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan (no dairy or eggs)
  • High in Fiber
  • No Artificial Preservatives
  • Sprouted 100% Whole Grains
 How can you go wrong? 

(You can't)

Just don't overdo it on the bread... each slice has 6g of fiber!

Silver Hills sent me a loaf of each bread to try out a couple months ago and they tasted great! Plus, they were regular loaf sizes!  For the life of me, I cannot find the pictures I took of the bread...

But here's a mobile pic I had posted on twitter.
Have you spotted Silver Hills gluten-free breads yet?


  1. I went to my local bakery today, they finally got this bread in and the Mack's Flax bread was NOT gluten free :(
    The second ingredient is wheat... is this gluten free version sold in Canada?
    I'd really like to try this bread.... none of the types by Silver Hill said they were GF??

  2. I live in B.C. and regularly purchase Silver Hills bread from my Save on store. You won't find the gluten free version with the fresh bread--look in the frozen food aisle.

    1. In Vancouver, Costco carries a good number of the Silver Hills breads, including the gluten free one. It is with all the other breads...not in the freezer area. I agree....Mack's Flax is NOT gluten free.

  3. They are now selling. Silver Hills gluten free bread at Costco in Ontario (London and Toronto). If yiur Costco isnt stocking it, write a request on the customer comment cards, and they soon will. This worked for me in London.

  4. Bought the Gluten Free Omega Flax at Costco (Etobicoke) last night. I do not live gluten-free, but I'm reading Wheat Belly and trying to lose weight.
    I found the texture of the bread to be too heavy and too crumbly. It falls apart in your mouth when you chew, it doesn't have that bread-like texture. Yick.
    I don't want to be a party pooper, but... any suggestions? Do I just get used to it?

  5. Try toasting it for sandwiches.