Chain Restaurant - Milestones Gluten-Free

I visited Milestones a couple weeks ago for a late Christmas dinner with two of my closest friends from high school.  I had been to Milestones while on a gluten-free diet once before.  It was years ago and they only had an (outdated) allergy chart on their website.

Anyway, this visit to Milestones was much better:

They now have a gluten-free menu!!

I took this picture of the gluten-free portion of the menu.  It is right in the regular menu they give everyone so you don't have to specifically ask for a different menu.  (I find it a little awkward having to ask for a separate menu and employees having to search for it, roll their eyes and be handed a list of menu items with NO prices on it.)
Gluten-free options include pasta, chicken, burger (with bun!), salad or steak.  The vegetarian options are a little slim but pasta is always a favourite of mine!  It's hard to go wrong with pasta.

Tomato Basil Brown Rice Spaghettini topped with goat cheese - perfection!
You know what I loved about Milestones?  When the server took my order, she confirmed by saying "Gluten-free pasta" and again confirmed that it was gluten-free (without me pestering her) when bringing the plate. 
Even though the pasta was incredibly filling... I noticed there was a gluten-free dessert so I had to order it.  The Ganache Torte is made with Belgian chocolate with a pecan crust and caramel sauce.
Wow, dessert was amazing. 

Who else has been to Milestones?  
How was your experience?


  1. I went fairly recently - was really impressed/excited about the menu, tried the burger. I think they could have chosen their product a bit better (aka it disintegrated almost immediately) BUT they were very clear with me about my order, and I was generally pleased with the options available. Regretting I didn't go for the pasta though, I was debating between the two and that looks delicious...

  2. I often go to get take-out of just that dessert...it is my absolute favourite!

  3. That's what I wanted to hear! The ganache torte is already my favourite dessert there, so I'm happy to hear that it's gluten-free (now that I'm starting to eat GF).