Toronto - C'est What?! (Pub/Restaurant)

A few weeks ago, I went out for my work's Christmas party.  The owners asked for my input on where to eat so I went into research mode, for some place fun and able to accommodate my gluten-free diet.

I shot an email off to C'est What (67 Front Street East, at Church, Toronto) asking what kinds of gluten-free foods were offered.   C'est What is located in the basement of a historic building in downtown Toronto.  With the focus of the pub/restaurant on their wide variety of craft beers, one would think a Celiac would be straight outta luck but no worries, they serve Nickel Brook Gluten Free beer! They also have a large selection of liquor if beer isn't your thing.

To my surprise, here's their reply about gluten-free offerings:
We have a number of options:
The veg and chicken roti on rice
Chips and salsa
Poutine (no gravy)
Caesar salad (no croutons)
Hogtown salad
Rainbow salad
Cajun rogout
Moroccan stew
Buffalo and lamburger (no bun)
Staggering pig (no bun)
Plus, we may or may not have additional options in our specials menu that particular day.
Seems like they've dealt with this sort of question before!  A little slim on the vegetarian options but that was okay... I took the plunge anyway.

I got the Moroccan Stew with chunks of carrots, celery, other veggies and chickpeas in a tomato broth over rice.  Yum!  I should try making this at home...
I'm not gonna lie, I'm addicted to tortilla chips... I've mentioned this a time or two before. Can't go wrong with these.
This last picture is of the Artichoke & Parmesan, which I was told is gluten-free when served with veggies instead of the pita bread. 
Please keep in mind the above list of gluten-free items were gluten-free as of December 2011.  Always check ingredients since they can change at any time.

Would I visit C'est What again?  Yes, in a heartbeat.  Great service, friendly relaxed environment and knowledgeable about gluten-free food.

PS - you guys won't have to put up with my crappy iPod pictures much longer... I got a new phone with a better camera, woohoo!

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  1. Hmm... this is just up the road from me, I need to try that Moroccan strew.