Fresh Gluten-Free Pasta from Hollywood Foods Inc!

Who knew fresh pasta was possible on a gluten-free diet?

Fresh gluten-free pasta
Before going gluten-free, I was a sucker for a nice bowl of pasta.  Even as a Celiac, I can't resist.  The hard part is finding gluten-free pasta that lives up to its gluteny cousin's reputation.

Hollywood Foods Inc offers a wide range of fresh gluten-free pasta to satisfy even gourmet palates.
Fresh pasta with tomato sauce
Pictured above is the fresh linguini.   This would have been amazing with an Alfredo sauce - Linguini Alfredo - yum!  Unfortunately I was at my parents and had limited options.  The tomato sauce was also fantastic, I might add, though not the typical sauce for linguini.

You can check out their website for a list of stores that carry Hollywood Foods Inc products.  Please be aware that selection may vary and your best bet is to check out their main retail location:

121 Ossington Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M6J 2Z2
Phone: 647-345-5772 or 1-877-92-PASTA(72782)
Store Hours: Open 7 days a week: 11 am to 7 pm

Please keep in mind that they do offer regular gluteny pasta (made in a different facility) - always double check your packages that they are the gluten-free varieties.


  1. Wow, that looks awesome, and it's right around the corner from my work. Thanks so much, I've been *dying* for good pasta.

  2. My daughter prefers the corn and rice combination type pasta.....

  3. Looks delicious Jax! But I just checked out their website and there seems to be no mention of their gluten-free products at all. How did you find out about the fact that the gf products are made in a separate facility?


    1. Gluten-free products are mentioned very briefly on the website. I spoke with someone from the company about the gluten-free products and what was available, etc.

    2. Great! Thanks! And thanks for all the work you do on the gluten-free ontario site/blog/facebook pages etc.!


  4. Wow, the pasta looks great! Thank you for providing the food resource. Now more than ever, we have options available to us. I don't think anyone with food allergies should be forced to miss out on good food.

  5. Awesome looking pasta, and I can't believe that it is gluten free!! I never cease to be amazed things like this. I mean as you said, good pasta that is also gluten free??? Never thought that I would see that. Thanks for uploading the tasty pics!

  6. Yes, this is a pretty awesome pasta recipe. I actually have a friend who is gluten intolerant, and he told me how confusing things were when he was younger. It is nice to see so many good gluten-free food options nowadays. Thanks for sharing!