Lay's Gluten-Free - BBQ Chips Confusion

Yesterday I announced that Lay's now makes certified gluten-free chips.  

This blog post is to clear up any confusion... I know a lot of you got excited seeing that Lay's Old Fashioned BBQ Chips are gluten-free.

I hate to break it to you guys... the popular Lay's BBQ chips (in the black bag) that you see on most store shelves is NOT gluten-free.

According to Lay's website, the Old Fashioned BBQ Chips are available in Quebec.  I don't recall ever seeing them in Ontario.  I don't think they are very common, to be honest... I could only find one picture on the interwebz of the Old Fashioned kind.  (If you happen to come across some Old Fashioned BBQ Chips, bring me some, okay? Okay.)

As of right now, the regular Lay's BBQ Chips appear to be the only gluten-containing product from Lay's.

Please be sure to read the label every time.  Ingredients may change without notice.

The good news is:

< <  Lay's STAX BBQ flavour is gluten-free!!
If BBQ flavour is your style, go for the STAX!

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