Long Weekend at the Cottage

I'm usually that lucky soul who gets to work over the long weekend.  That's the beauty of working retail ;)

However, after covering the owner's two-week vacation at the store, I was fortunate enough to score an entire weekend off work - woohoo!!

What better way to spend a long weekend, than sitting in the sun on a dock in cottage country?!

Amazing how different two areas of Ontario can be.  In one area, I was looking at horses and cows out the passenger window, and 2 hours later I was back in Toronto with all of the smog, cars and tall buildings.
Catching some rays on the dock
Looking out over Lake Kashagawigamog
View from the canoe
On Lake Kashagawigamog in the boat
 Despite the sunscreen, I got a burn on my chest, outlining the V shape :P
I took shotgun on the boat
Pretty water and trees
So peaceful
This was my paradise for 4 days
This is where I spent most of my time
Dragonfly on the dock

Lookout in Haliburton
Loons over the water
Our cottage
(just kidding)
Pretty pic over the water
Kashagawigamog Lake - what a mouthful
Don't see this every day...

Froggy was trying to shield himself from the downpour on Sunday afternoon
Haliburton's Independent grocery store - gluten-free section
Surprisingly, their selection of gluten-free food was quite large.  However, I did find it scary that the Bob's Red Mill wheat bran was placed in the section labeled as "gluten-free" - directly below the Glutino crackers.  I'm sure a Celiac person or gluten intolerant person would know to stay away but if someone was buying for a guest and didn't know any better, they may assume it is gluten-free and poison them.
Roasting marshmallows
I made the perfect marshmallow stick... four at once!

Food Time

I don't know anyone who eats gourmet food like this at the cottage... seriously, check out all this yummy food!!
Rice and peas, scalloped potato, asparagus, Caesar dressing with homemade dressing, Conte's perogies and Kinnikinnick bun with butter
Not my plate - same as above but with bacon and sausage too
Not really gourmet but certainly yummy - two different kinds of cheese melted on an Udi's bagel
Eggs, tomato, berries, watermelon and toast with jam
Peas, corn, carrots and scalloped potato
Salad with corn, eggs, peas, tomato and avocado
Eggs, mixed fruit, cheese and toast with jam
Rice, tomato, beets, broccoli and Kinnikinnick bun with butter
 Thank you Dave and Mary for welcoming me into your cottage!


  1. Wow! Thanks for these wonderful photos of Lake Kashagawigamog. We use to camp on this lake as kids, dare I say 45 years ago. To this day when we are experiencing a perfect summer morning with sunshine, no humidity and a lovely breeze we always say "This sure is a Kashagawigamog morning".
    Food looks devine. So glad you had a wonderful vacation.

  2. I shop at the Independent in Haliburton,I will mention to them to move their Bob's Red Mill Wheat Bran, I appreciate you noticing it Jax, Foodland in Haliburton carry alot of gluten free items and if you want something specific the Manager there Brad will get it for you if he can.For a small town they really try hard for their gluten free customers,