Italpasta Giveaway!

When going gluten-free, it is essential to test out as many gluten-free pastas as you can to find the best of the best.  For some that's corn pasta.  For others, it's rice pasta.

Well, how about you combine the two, a pasta that uses both corn and rice?

That's what you get with Italpasta and MisuraItalpasta is 70% rice and 29% corn, while Misura is 80% corn and 20% rice.

Read my review of Italpasta!

Below, you have a chance to snag one of two prize packs, which include a combination of Italpasta and Misura gluten-free pasta!

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  1. I didn't know Misura has GF pasta. That's awesome!! Sharon Maor

  2. Where are these pastas available?