Better4U Pizza Giveaway!

Better4U Gluten-Free Pizza is big in the US and is slowly making its way to stores near you in Ontario.

They have been touring Costco and have had great feedback about their gluten-free pizzas.  They are hoping the chain of stores will pick up their pizzas to be sold regularly at all Ontario locations in the future.

I got a chance to sample one of each of their five gluten-free pizzas (minus the pepperoni, since I am a vegetarian).  My favourite was the Mediterranean Pizza! (Pictured above.)  It is topped with olives, broccoli, feta (mmm!), roasted red peppers and spinach.  The crust was a little thicker than I normally like but tasted very good overall.

You will notice that the pizza box does have a warning that they are not from a dedicated gluten-free facility.  When I inquired about how they keep the pizza separate and ensure there is no cross-contamination, this is the response I got:
We completely clean and swab the equipment line prior to running the Gluten-Free products.  We schedule our Gluten-Free production for the 1st run immediately after the production lines have been sanitized and swabbed.  We swab all of our equipment and test for all allergies and we send a sample of the product out to an outside independent lab which tests for any traces of gluten.

Also, we break down all of our equipment when we sanitize and clean, to ensure every part of the equipment and production line is clear

We are a Certified Gluten Facility, certified by the GFCO (Gluten Free Certification Organization).  We also have routine inspections by outside, independent labs that test for Gluten, and as of last month, our latest inspection, the result was that “they could not identify any parts per million” of any Gluten.  The GFCO mandate in order to be a Gluten-Free Certified Facility is that your facility can not have more than 10 parts per million. Better4U Foods has clearly taken the steps to ensure that our Gluten-Free products are always safe, and always Gluten-Free.

Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Better4U Pizza!

If you would like to request for your local store to carry Better4U Gluten-Free Pizza, you can print a product request form and give it to the owner or manager.

Check out the full line up of products! (Plus the Mediterranean above)

Or better yet, why don't you sign up below to win some of your very own pizza from Better4U!

One winner will receive three pizzas of their choice!
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  1. I love pizza and would be happy to try something new. Thanks, Sharon Maor

  2. It is hard to find a gluten free dairy free pizza...........