Birthday Cake 2012!

Yesterday was my birthday!

A birthday is not official without a birthday cake!  In fact, I think it's one of the most important parts.
This year, I ordered my cake from Katz Imaging Custom CakesWow! I've been getting gluten-free birthday cakes for 7 years now... and this one beats 'em all!
I was originally going to get a vanilla white cake with pink icing until I saw a picture online of maraschino cherry flavoured cake with white icing.  What a novel idea!

I asked Kathy if this could be done.  "Of course!"  She was up for the challenge and it turned out amazing! 

What I didn't know while biting into this cake last night was that it is not only gluten-free, but it is also free of dairy.  (I found this out on her Facebook Page.)  Amazing that she was able to do this without dairy and no gluten!

Super moist cake, really flavourful and yummy fluffy icing!  Just like a birthday cake should be :)

Cherry not your thing?  Not to worry - Katz has over 50 flavours available!

Do you want your very own birthday cake?!  (Or other special occasion cake, for that matter.)

Contact Kathy from Katz Imaging Custom Cakes.

She is based in Cambridge and the cakes are available to Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge.  They also have a second location in Mississauga that serves the GTA.  Special orders can be delivered all over Ontario with proper notice.

Before I forget... my decision to go with Kathy's cake this year is because I got some Hostess-style cupcakes a few months ago and posted about how yummy they are.  Since they were so good, I knew I couldn't go wrong with a cake.  Here's a picture of my Hostess-style cupcakes this time around :)
I left two cupcakes for my parents.  My mom messaged me this morning saying, and I quote, "That cupcake is freakin awesome... I have to stop myself from eating the second one before dad gets home."

Yup.... they are that good.

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