Cupcakes that look/taste like Hostess! from Katz

Katz Imaging Custom Cakes
Alright, so... I posted this picture on my Facebook page and there was outcry for this delicious cupcake.

If you're in the Greater Toronto Area or in the Golden Horseshoe, you can order these chocolate masterpieces (and more!) from Katz Imaging Custom Cakes.  Kathy, the creator of these gluten-free goodies, is in Mississauga and you can also make an appointment to pick up from her.  Custom orders are available, as well as dairy-free and egg-free baked goods.

Kathy offers a wide range of gluten-free cupcakes (see below for some more pictures).
Katz Imaging Custom Cakes
To be completely honest, I'm not sure that I had ever actually eaten a gluteny Hostess Cupcake... my parents didn't often buy sugary treats when I was younger.  

I almost immediately dove into the chocolate cupcake with the swirl on top when I received the cupcakes.  Wow, heaven!  Was not expecting it to have the cream in the middle, especially after Kathy had told me that they were also dairy-free.  Yum!  I can't imagine that the gluteny packaged version would taste so fresh and have such great texture.

Yeah, I went there.  Better than Hostess. 

Up next, this chocolate delight.  (Sorry, I'm not sure of the names of these cupcakes.)
Katz Imaging Custom Cakes
Same texture as the first cupcake, but without the cream in the middle and this fluffy chocolate frosting.  Perfect for any chocolate lover!  The cupcake has a rich, almost brownie-like quality.  The added chocolate chips (dairy-free!) on top were also a nice touch.

And last, but not least, this chocolate cupcake with raspberry frosting.
Katz Imaging Custom Cakes
This cupcake was also delicious.  Just a hint of raspberry in the icing complimented the chocolate cupcake perfectly.

If you are in the GTA or Horseshoe area, I encourage you to order something from Katz Imaging Custom Cakes.  You will not regret it!

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