Rogers Centre gets gluten-free options!

Quick shout out to Gluten Free Philly for passing this information on to me!

Rogers Centre (forever known as the "SkyDome" to me) where the Blue Jays play will soon be offering some gluten-free options!

Going to see the Toronto Blue Jays is a cheap, fun activity for the whole family and I remember going with my class in elementary school.

This is quoted from Gluten Free Philly:

Toronto Blue Jays (Rogers Centre) - Sandwiches (Barq's BBQ beef brisket, Big Smoke jerk chicken, T.O. chopped pork and Market Burger), pizza, traditional butter chicken with fresh greens, three-bean chili and fruit at Muddy York Market (Section 109); beer at King Club (Level 100)
Update, as of May 18, 2012:

With so much going on, I haven't had a chance to look into this further... so a fan of Gluten-Free Ontario sent an email to Rogers Centre and got the following response:

Being fully aware that there is a need for gluten free foods and products, I wanted to provide you with some information that may help you the next time you’re down at the ballpark! 
Our Executive Chef Dilup Attygalla has developed a list of menu options. Muddy York Market is our flagship location located on the 100 Level Stadium Food Hall (Section 109 at Gate 3) and is easily accessible for our guests from L200 and L500.

Our Staff in Muddy York Market is also fully trained on servicing “gluten free” menu items and any other food requests from our guests.

Our Muddy York Market Sandwiches will be available to be served on gluten free bread:
Barq’s BBQ Beef Brisket
Big Smoke Jerk Chicken
T.O Chopped Pork
Market Burger

In addition we also have:

Traditional Butter Chicken served with fresh greens (instead of basmati rice)
Three Bean Chili

Mediterranean Platter
Fresh Whole Fruit

We also have available at the KING CLUB on level 100, gluten free beer.

We hope these items will make your experience here at Rogers Centre that much more enjoyable. Please feel free to forward any further questions you may have.

Looking forward to seeing you here at the ballpark!

Guest Experience Team



  1. Any further info on this? I'm heading down to the Skydome (yeah, it's still that to me too) with a Youth Group for the game tomorrow and we're leaving Barrie well before dinner time so I can't eat before hand. I know the Quaker Steak has an alergen chart and lists several items as being gluten free, but I'm worried about cross contamination, as most restaurants don't seem to fully get the whole gluten deal.

    1. I was there on Tuesday of this week - Muddy York did a GREAT job. They showed me the bun (all packaged seperately), advised me it would be made in the back away from all the other foods, had wash and new gloves. They had fries, they actaully showed me the boxes - the plain ones are fine and they don't share the grease with the sweet potatoe fries (which had gluten), they got seperate tongs for my fries. I felt VERY safe and acutally enjoyed beef on a bun!Have fun!!

  2. Do you know the brand of buns they have?