Sponsor - Nickel Brook Gluten Free

What better time to write a blog post about gluten-free beer than on St. Patrick's Day?

Nickel Brook is a sponsor of Gluten-Free Ontario.  The brewery is located in Burlington, Ontario and they introduced the gluten-free beverage in December 2010.

You can pick up some Nickel Brook Gluten Free at LCBO across Ontario.  Not sure which ones near you carry it?  The LCBO has this great feature on their website... it allows you to check the inventory of each product in stores in your city!  Test it out for Nickel Brook Gluten Free and find out where you can buy it.

While I haven't had a chance to go there for a tour, I did get these cool pictures of the process of making gluten-free beer!

So there ya go... that's what part of the inside of a brewery looks like!

Oh, and by the way... Better Bitters Brewing Co. also makes a really great authentic root beer that is gluten-free!  It is called Babbling Brooke's.

Please drink responsibly. :)

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