Kinnikinnick - New SOFT Bread Review!

I love the people over at Kinnikinnick!  I might love them as much as I love this new bread.  

It is seriously good.

I had seen the Toss your Toaster ads but I'm stubborn and I needed proof.

And proof came.

They sent over a nice box of goodies from their new line up.  They really didn't lie when they said it does not need to be toasted.

Plus, I ate my first few pieces with just vegan margarine.  I never do that.  Mainly because I've never liked a gluten-free bread enough to have it plain buttered and untoasted.  This changes things.
Kinnikinnick's new products will give [unnamed bread company] a run for their money.
Here are some highlights on the bread:
  • You do not have to toast them!
  • There's 5g of fiber per 2 slices
  • Offers white or multigrain bread, plus hamburger and hotdog buns
  • Regular size loaf and regular size slices - no more mini sandwiches!
  • Dairy free, soy free, peanut and nut free and kosher
  • Reasonable prices (as seen below)
These are the first Gluten Free Bakery Products to qualify for the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada Health Check Program.
(Above is quoted from Kinnikinnick's website)

Currently, you can only purchase the new line through their website but I think soon enough you will be able to find it in stores.

How excited are you to have a 
regular full-size sandwich? ;)


  1. I have missed a regular sized sandwich for so long. Many of the breads I buy are so small, they fit in the palm of my very small hand. Also, I cannot recall when I had bread and butter, so thanks so much for that image. Cannot wait to find this one.

  2. If you are lucky enough to live in Edmonton, you get freshly baked goods from the Kinnikinnick bakery. We tried their focaccia bread! Yum!

    Great website and blog. I've found it hard to find people in Toronto to know where to go when I visit family back home in Toronto.


    --Abisaac Saraga

  3. Thank you so much for this!! I love the few Kinninnick products that I can find/buy, especially their individual pizza crusts. They are a cut above anyone else's. I have never understood why GF bread is so darn small! I can't wait!! Tytyty!!