Jax is nominated for a gluten-free award!

(Yes, I enjoy referring to myself in the third person.)

Anyway, I've been nominated for an award!
I received an email a couple days ago, reading:
You, your client or boss has been nominated for the inaugural FOGGY (Free of Gluten) Awards presented by Find Me Gluten Free. This is the first awards program in the gluten-free industry to honor the individual people that shine light on the gluten-free industry.

Aww shucks!

I am in the Top 40 Under 40 category, going for the title of 2012 Young Executive of the Year.  Wouldn't you love to see someone local win?!  I am up against people like Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Steve Nash, Novak Djokovic and some other pretty big people in the gluten-free world.  I am honoured to represent Canadians everywhere.

I would certainly love to win and I would like you to vote for me please!

Please and thank you!

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  1. To find Jax, you have to go to 'top 40 under 40'.