O'Doughs Giveaway!

I would like to welcome O'Doughs as my new sponsor!

To celebrate this joyous occasion, we are having a giveaway, woohoo!

Christmas is coming and you just don't have money to keep to yourself these days. So we're giving away a HUGE prize pack - you get one of each product in O'Doughs gluten-free lineup!

This includes:

Muffins -Banana Chocolate Chip, Wild Blueberry and Double Chocolate
Buns - Flax, White and Apple Cranberry Breakfast
Bread - White and Flax
Pizza Kits - White and Flax
Dessert Cakes - Banana, Carrot and Chocolate
NEW Hamburger and Hot Dog Buns (Original and Whole Grain)
NEW 100 Calorie Bagels - Apple Cranberry, Original and Sprouted Whole Grain Flax

Doesn't that sound fancy?!  That's a total of 19 products!

Yup, don't miss out!  Enter the contest below :)

[You must be a resident of Ontario to win this prize!]

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  1. So excited about this giveaway!!! It would be an awesome win.

  2. amazing giveaway!!! O'Doughs is by far the best GF bread on the market

  3. Awesome! I'm a new mom so some easy gluten-free snacks like muffins would be awesome. And good for a mat-leave budget ;)

  4. i LOVE O'Dough's!!!!!