Petition: Hero Burger at ACC Should Offer Gluten-Free!!

Well, I feel silly.  Stupid, actually. 

Yesterday on my Facebook page, I shared Hero Burger's picture announcing that there was a new location inside the ACC.

I foolishly said that the new location would offer gluten-free buns and veggie burger patties.

Because ya know... that would be logical.  All 30+ other Hero Burger locations DO offer gluten-free buns and veggie burger patties.

A fan posted this morning informing me that she visited the new location last night where she found out they do not offer the gluten-free bun or veggie burger.

Immediately, I shot an email to my contact at Hero Burger asking if this was true.  His response:

Morning Jax,

ACC wanted one burger only, simplified menu.  This deal was put together in a short period of time.

We will definitely look into incorporating this in the future.  You can help support the cause by emailing the ACC and requesting these options as a Hero Fan.

Thanks again for your support.


Umm, so I was wrong.  Sorry about that.

So... I am enlisting your help!!

If the ACC knows just how many of us are out there looking for gluten-free options, maybe they will reconsider and allow Hero Burger to offer gluten-free buns to cater to our needs.

Please consider sending your thoughts to the Air Canada Centre regarding this issue.  I have sent the following email to them and I would love it if you did, too!  Here's where to contact them.

Dear Air Canada Centre staff,

Let me start out by saying that I love going to Hero Burger because they offer a gluten-free bun to accommodate those of us with Celiac Disease.

I was very happy to find out that Hero Burger opened a location at the ACC... only to be disappointed that this particular location does not offer the same gluten-free bun that all 30+ other locations offer.

As someone with Celiac Disease, it is hard to describe the misery felt when all of my family and friends are able to pig out at events while I am stuck drinking just water.

Since Hero Burger offers such amazing gluten-free buns, I believe it would be a wise decision to allow them to offer gluten-free options to the ACC customers.

Please consider offering gluten-free and you will have hundreds of happy new customers.

Gluten-Free Ontario

Thanks everyone!!


  1. Done, sent them a message, reminding them that there's not much we can buy, since we can't have hot-dogs, fries, gravy, chicken fingers and probably not even the nachos & cheese sauce.

    It will get their attention to have so many writing them! Good move Jax!

  2. Done. I also mentioned how the baseball stadium in Washington DC (I visited this past summer) and Yankee stadium not only have gluten-free items, they have gluten free concession stands!