Etobicoke - Around the Corner

Around the Corner
132 Sixth Street (near Islington and Lakeshore)
Etobicoke, Ontario

Located just off Lakeshore Blvd W in the west end of Toronto in Etobicoke, this organic breakfast bar features an entirely gluten-free and nut-free organic menu!  I can't tell you how great it is to open a menu and have your choice of anything you crave without worry.  Choices range from bacon and eggs,
biscuits & gravy and omelettes to French toast, flapjacks, cereal and more.  Did I mention everything is gluten-free?!  No lie.

The breakfast bar is currently open until 3pm Wednesday to Sunday each week. There is a small patio out front for the summer months and if you choose to sit inside, there are approximately 5 booths lining the left of the restaurants, with bench seating on the right.  The kitchen remains an open concept in the back so you can feel free to take a peak into how the food is prepared.

Banana Bread French Toast
Presentation is key at Around the Corner.  Whether it's the arrangement of the fresh fruit side serving or the chocolate drizzled on top, each dish looks like a masterpiece.  You almost don't want to ruin it.  Then you take that first bite and wonder if you're really being served gluten-free food. Well, eat up!  It's all gluten-free.
Berry Stuffed French Toast

Around the Corner is owned by Mark, who also owns the Village Butcher at 2914 Lakeshore Blvd W.  Village Butcher offers a wide range of organic meat and other yummy food - you can even find some gluten-free pasta, sauces and more.

Hearty Breakfast
I highly recommend Around the Corner for anyone from the Toronto area or those who are planning a visit to Toronto.  Don't have time to stop in to eat?  Not to worry - they also do take out!


  1. I'm going to have to ride my bike there to try :-)