Oakville - Voila Gluten Free Bakeree

Imagine a place where you can browse the shelves and choose from pizza, samosas, eclairs, muffins, cupcakes, bagels, buns, bread, tarts, brownies, Nanaimo bars and tons more...

Sounds like a dream, right?

Have I made you think back to your gluten-filled days?

This is a reality once again.

Voila! Gluten Free Bakeree
22 Lakeshore West, Unit 6
Oakville, Ontario
L6K 1C5
(289) 837-0110

At Voila! Gluten Free Bakeree, nothing is impossible.  Everything is gluten-free and fresh!  And more importantly... you don't have to spend hours of your time reading ingredient lists and trying to figure out what's safe or not.  Bonus - many items are also dairy-free and/or vegan!

Small warning - they do use pure, uncontaminated (gluten-free) oats in some of the products.  If you are sensitive to even gluten-free oats, just make sure you read the ingredients.  If you have any questions, their amazing staff is more than willing to help you make the right decision.

I was lucky enough to get my birthday cake at Voila! this year.  mmm delicious custom-made gluten-free cake with no chance of cross-contamination!  Never thought I'd see the day!

Voila! - Birthday Cake
Here are some pictures I snapped on my recent visit... Enjoy!

Voila! - GF display

Voila! - GF display

Voila! - GF breads, bagels, buns and more!

Voila! - GF tarts

Voila! - GF muffins

Voila! - GF Eclairs (dairy-free too)

Voila! - GF cupcakes

Voila! - GF carrot cake
Don't forget to stop in on Fridays - it's their Pizza Day!  You may be lucky enough to grab a leftover pizza on a Saturday but why take the risk? Go on Friday!

Voila! - GF pizza

I wish I lived closer... actually... maybe it's a good thing I don't.  It's nice to have a treat every now and then but I don't think my waistline would appreciate brownies and cake every day :)


  1. Wow! Adding this one to the must stop by list. It's nice to see fresh gf products.

    I can't eat gf oats so I hope it is not in too much of their products.

  2. I believe the oats are just in the granola bars and a couple of the cookies. But there's tons of other things to choose from!

  3. Had some very delicious pumpernickel bread tonight with dinner. Love that bakery. I do live too close - but love their products.