Gluten-Free M&M Meat Shops

We're in the big leagues, people!

I've heard from a few people that M&M Meat Shops has a range of gluten-free products.  I decided to email the company to see what kinds of options were available.

To my surprise, their current list of gluten-free products includes 195 products!

The options include meats, veggies, potatoes, desserts and more.

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 This list is current as of September 9, 2011.  Please review all packages prior to purchasing since ingredients may change.

The gluten-free list is also available at M&M Meat Shops retail locations - there are over 200 locations in Ontario.

To be honest, up until about a year ago I thought all they sold was meat because, well, meat is in the name after all.  I will soon have to venture to M&M Meat Shops to check out the gluten-free vegetarian options for myself.

Below is the email response from the Consumer Affairs Coordinator, Carole. 

Thank you for taking the time to call us at M&M Meat Shops Ltd.  It is always a pleasure to hear from our customers.

Customers with dietary restrictions, especially related to food allergies, sensitivities and intolerances, represent a growing portion of our customer base. In order to serve these customers better, we realize that accurate information on all ingredients in our food products, beyond the standard label declaration, is needed. With this in mind, we have requested of all our suppliers to search their ingredients for any sources of the eleven food ingredients commonly known to cause allergic reactions or sensitivities.  The eleven food ingredients are peanuts, tree nuts, shrimp/shellfish, fish, milk, eggs, MSG, sulphites, gluten/wheat, sesame and soy.  Their individual responses have been compiled into our Product Information Manual.  As well, if the manufacturer identifies a significant risk of cross contamination with one of these ingredients, it is identified as present in our listing for that M&M product.

A copy of this Product Information Manual is available behind the counter of every M&M Meat Shops' store.  It lists presence/absence (as identified by the manufacturer of the food) of the eleven protein ingredients that commonly cause allergic reactions.  Gluten/wheat is included in this listing.  Therefore, the Product Consultants at any store will be able to check for the presence of gluten/wheat in any product that is of interest to you either over the phone, or in person.

Our stores also have access to a searchable nutrition and allergen database for all our products.  Product Consultants are able to provide you with a printed list of our products without certain allergenic ingredients such as gluten/wheat.  In a recent search, approximately 195 of our 524 products do not contain gluten/wheat.  This list can also be generated at your local M&M Meat Shop stores and from our website.  For your convenience, I have attached a copy of the list of our products that do not contain gluten/wheat.

In addition, our web site provides the nutritional information and individual allergen information for our more than 400 products at www.mmmeatshops.com, although complete ingredient listings are not available. 

I hope you will find the above information useful.   Thank you for shopping the M&M way.


M&M Meat Shops Ltd.

Carole Mozuraitis
Consumer Affairs Coordinator
Technical Services Department

M&M Meat Shops gets an A+ for customer service.


  1. I love shopping here! They have a great variety of GF product which is great for nights you don't want to make something from scratch. My fave is the stuffed chicken breasts.

    I'm actually kind of surprised they don't advertise that they sell GF food.

  2. If you're in Mississauga two stores there are owned by parents of a celiac, so they're definitely aware of your needs - 3647-A Dixie Road and 117 Queen Street South (Streetsville). Tell them the son of the owner sent you. ;)

    @Gluten Free Doll - my folks have raised the issue with M&M HQ, hopefully some publicity on that soon!

  3. HI Jax, This opens up a world of possibilities for me. Especially on my: lazy-and-I-dont-want-to-cook-nights. Thank you very much for sharing
    (btw: the link above didnt work for me got an error 404 message)