CN Tower - Gluten-Free Options

This is part of a series of posts about gluten-free food options available at select tourist/family attractions in Ontario.

I sent an email to the CN Tower in Toronto asking about gluten-free options in the 360 Restaurant at the top of the tower.  I have never been up the tower but I hope to soon!

I was a little disappointed with the lack of a direct list of options available.  As a vegetarian, it is sometimes hard to judge if I will just be stuck with a salad... and it's always nice to have a gluten-free pasta option or bread as a side.  No mention of any rice dishes either.

Anyway, here is the response directly from the Sous Chef at 360 Restaurant:

Hi thanks for your question.
Most of our dishes can be modified to be gluten free, as our jus are made in house and do not contain flour wheat or barley. If A dish like prime rib for intents is served with bread pudding  we do substitute it for mash or baked potato. 95% of the menu can be ordered, just be sure that you inform your waiter about your food allergy.
Looking forward to see you in 360  at the CN TOWER

Have a nice day

Stefan Gohlke                                                                        
Sous Chef, Sous-chef                                                         
CN TOWER | LA TOUR CN www.cntower.ca                       
301 Front Street West | 301, rue Front Ouest                    
Toronto, ON M5V 2T6   


  1. That's great. Did you eat there yet?
    I have been sick from so many places that the Chef themselves confirmed the food was GF, yet wasn't. I find so many Chefs still have no idea what GF really means. Soya sauce is the biggest issue I see in these places. We made it GF just for you.....um, thanks, what is the sauce made of? Soya sauce...great.

  2. it was a salad again when we were there Saturday past. oh well.