Milestones Gluten-Free (Take 2)

I first want to apologize for being a little MIA on this blog... I was taking a little breather. But I am back and we're good to go ;)

Back to the matter at hand... I love when restaurants offer gluten-free options.  I appreciate the effort to accommodate us so I really don't like complaining.  Sometimes it's necessary.  Here goes...

On Saturday, I visited Milestones in Toronto.  My dinner date (who is also gluten-free, what are the chances?!) ordered this burger with a gluten-free bun.
The burger looked great.  (Yeah, a vegetarian just said that.)  I should point out that I had heard some negative comments regarding the bun but figured it couldn't be that bad.  Oh, but it was.  It crumbled.  There was no holding this burger together.  I ate a small piece of the bun and wasn't too impressed.  Dinner date actually tossed the bottom half of the bun because it turned into a soggy mess.  He is familiar with gluten-free breads so it wasn't just a matter of not liking gluten-free food.

Come to think of it, I had emailed Milestones a few months ago after reading numerous complaints about the buns online, asking which brand they use and offered to make some suggestions for a more palatable bun (like, I dunno, say Kinnikinnick's new line of soft buns?).  They sent sort of automated response [and called me Mr. Wilkinson... I'm pretty sure I am not a dude] and said my comments were appreciated and would be passed on to the appropriate people.  I never heard any more and they are still using the same buns apparently.

Maybe they were offended by my email. Maybe they don't really care about customer's feedback.  Maybe someone from Milestones is reading this blog post right now.  Maybe they wish to contact me..?  (Contact Jax - please don't call me Mr)

Anyway, I ordered the spaghettini and really enjoyed it.  Yes, this is the same thing I ordered last time... there's a lack of vegetarian gluten-free options there.  It was this or salad.
When the plate first arrived, I noticed the bread touching the pasta and had a mild freakout. Bread?!  On my gluten-free pasta plate?!  No worries... turns out, it was gluten-free and tasted pretty good.  The pasta was delicious, as it was the previous visit.

And dessert...
I was full from dinner but decided I had to get dessert after remembering how good it was.  Yum!  I suggest you get the Ganache torte on your next visit to Milestones.


  1. I had a steak there last week, opted out of the potatoes and they gave me twice the veggies. Loved it! I was too full for the torte, but I love the torte! One of my faves. Found the same with the bun on the burger. And love the spaghetti, but I never received a piece of bread on mine here in Burlington.

  2. Hi Jax, Just wanted to let you know that I am use to be a frequent Milestone customer until my world turned inside out and I had to relearn how to eat. I have now since ventured out and I have been back to Milestones. I have been to the one in London, at Masonville Mall and the customer service there was unbelieveable towards me that is GF. A server, can't remember his name, walked me thru the menu. U r right, they are very limited and like you I don't eat meat but I wanted to try there Asian salad. Well, let me just say, between the server and the chef, created me the best Asian salad by using the rice pasta and changing the dressing and omitting a few other things I did not like and added a few things - unbelievable. Was saved from having the same thing.

    Also, thanks for your posts and hunting out the goods. As I am frequently travelling, all the help I can get is much appreciated.

    Stefania - mbsspr@yahoo.ca

  3. what is the crust made from? It looks delish!

  4. I can honestly say I have had that crumby bun at Milestones, liked the burger hated the bun. My father and I who both are Celiac agree the bun is terrible. They really need to fix that issue. I was not aware that they had a gluten free dessert, or at least at the Milestones here in Barrie they never mentioned it to us at all. Seeing the large pecan on top of it though makes me aware that I would not be able to eat it anyway.