Rattray Marsh - Mississauga

This post is dedicated to my dad.

I went with him to Rattray Marsh and found out he is an avid reader of my blog and I had no idea.  I should mention that he's not gluten-free :P He just wants to be supportive of what I'm doing.

So here ya go... here's some pictures I took of Rattray Marsh on Friday, May 18 with my dad.  Not bad for a smartphone ;)


  1. Very nice, Jax! Where in Mississauga is this?

  2. I have so many memories of the Rattray Marsh. We used to take the kids on our bikes, picnic for the day and just have fun on the beach. I also spent many afternoons there with my Mum as a child. If you are quiet long enough, you'll see the Blue Herons there. Nice post.

  3. Thanks for coming to the Marsh with me and thanks for this post. I know gluten-free people appreciate your blog and I'm proud of what you're doing. Dad