Wonderland - Gluten-Free Food Options

This post is part of a series of posts about gluten-free food options at a range of tourist/family attractions across Ontario.


Check out this email response from Wonderland regarding gluten-free options at Wonderland for 2012.  Please keep in mind that she ensured that I point out that this is not a permanent list and options may change!

     Thank you for contacting Guest Services at Canada’s Wonderland. I can provide you with a list of gluten-free items which are available at the park; however these items are subject to change as we do change our food items regularly and is not to be considered a permanent list of gluten free items at the park. If you do post these items on your blog please outline that it is not to be considered a reliable list for the whole season.
     Current gluten-free items include; Gluten Free Pizza with select toppings (Backlot), Naked Burrito (Make sure you ask for this special at Backlot), Ask for a gluten free bun at Backlot Café and Coasters Grill for your fresh grilled burger, steam rice, Stir Fry Veg and Items from Teriyaki Experience without the Sauce, ICEE, Cotton Candy, Popcorn, Chippery Chips (plain), Frozen Fries, Fresh Fries, and Gelato. Also gluten free cookies and snack cakes at some of our carts and Backlot Café.
     Please advise your readers to visit Guest Services to receive an accurate list of food items on the day of their visit. Most security guards can also inform you of establishments which sell gluten-free food.

Have a great day!

Please note that food and drinks MAY NOT be brought into the park. Plastic bottled water is permitted. Thank you for your cooperation.

Woohoo!  Sounds like some great options are available at Wonderland :)


  1. Curious to know if a child/person has a medical condition: Celiac. That Wonderland would not allow them to bring their own gluten free products inside for consumption - AS there are no guarantees that there would be gluten free items available as per your note above?? There must be some exception for snack items. This is not a choice, but a life long medical condition.

  2. Awesome to hear and Jennifer makes a good point as well.

  3. No kidding. While this sounds like a great list to fall on if you are interested in eating these kind of foods, what if you don't trust the chance of cross contamination. I mean who do we have operating the food stands? I know it's a lot of students who may be too young to understand the danger of cross contamination.
    I also have blood sugar problems and would never be able to go around eating any of that food personally. That sounds a little money hungry to me. Do they check your bags or something?! Lol

  4. @Anonymous - Yes, they do actually check your bags. I kept stuff in the car last time we went and would go out to eat. You might be able to get around their strictness with a doctor's note. . .I haven't tried.

  5. Oh yes, they check bags. I keep a cooler in the car and we go out to eat. Much less expensive and a nice quiet break. There is also a subway right across the street and a few other places. Sometimes we have gone over there

  6. YAY!!!! My daughter is on her way to Wonderland with some family members and I just text them to let them know she won't be left out of the snacking with the other kids!!!! Big thanks to Wonderland for recognizing this need!!! They just made my daughters day even better!!!!!

  7. Fahed's BestieMay 21, 2014 11:42 am

    My best friend, Fahed, his boyfriend, Luke is gluten free and this website really helped them. THANKS!!!!!