Gluten-Free Perogies!

Remember when I raved on the Gluten-Free Ontario Facebook Page about the gluten-free perogies I found in Buffalo, NY?  Good news - they are now in Ontario!!  woohoo!
Most of my old gluteny favourites have a dozen or more gluten-free versions on the market... perogies are one that I had a hard time finding.  When I saw them in the states, I quickly grabbed it and hopes for the best.  And yum, they are just like how I remember perogies!!

I got the Conte's Potato & Cheese with Onion kind.  Conte's also makes gluten-free ravioli, lasagna and pizza.  If you don't see Conte's gluten-free perogies in your favourite health food store, just ask that they order it in for you!  (Tell them the supplier is UNFI and they should know how to get it.) Gluten-Free-Grocery.com should have the perogies available for those in the delivery area very soon.

Check out this picture of the perogies!


  1. I can't wait til I find these somewhere I miss pierogies so much! and the ones at whole foods are about $11 for 12 pierogis. Ridiculous!
    How much are these?

  2. I so could eat them now. Where in Ontario?

  3. The price depends on each store's markup. I can't really say what price... but anywhere from around $7-10 probably. I don't know exactly which stores have them. I don't have any inside information on the products I post... I just post about products I like. As I said, you can request that your favourite store carries it... or any products you have a hard time finding.

  4. If any of your friends are in the Peterborough area, they can get gluten free pierogies at the Saturday Farmers Market. They are $8 per dozen, potato, cheese, onion and celery filling. Coming soon, potato and bacon.