Snowman Brewing at The Burger Bar!

Kevin of Snowman Brewing
Snowman Brewing was sampling their new Pail Ale last night at The Burger Bar in Kensington Market. The place was PACKED when I got there just before 9pm.  Every table was taken and we had to stand around for a bit.  Luckily, Kevin from Snowman Brewing greeted us with a smile and samples of the new brew.

It's brewed like real beer so it tastes like real beer - a hoppy beer.  It may not appeal to everyone because it is quite hoppy but I enjoyed it.  I went with two (non-gluten-free) friends who both liked it, too.

Check out my previous blog posts - the first one where I interviewed Kevin Snow and the second features five different gluten-free beers for a review.  Make sure you join the Snowman Brewing Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter, too!

I was hoping to try out some of the gluten-free options at The Burger Bar, especially the Cowboys Supper... unfortunately, when I finally got a table, we waited for about 15 minutes for someone to acknowledge us before having to get up ourselves and ask a server to see some menus.  After waiting another 15 minutes at the table and nobody taking our order, we decided to leave.  I know it was busy in there... but nobody came to our table ONCE to apologize for the wait or to say they'd be back to serve us.  Ah well... I'll have to try again another night when it's not so busy.


  1. I'm so disappointed I couldn't make it out - maybe a bit less based on your experience with the service though. Hopefully they'll do another night so I can try some of that beer.

  2. I've found the service hit or miss there -- sometimes great, sometimes less so. I do like it there though, because there is more than one thing on the menu that's veggie AND gluten-free, and my boyfriend can get a regular burger and be happy as well.

  3. I've only been to the Burger Bar once, and had awful service. I told them I couldn't eat gluten, then asked about ingredients and told them I was vegan as well. They assured me I could eat the veggie burger, as it was both gluten-free and vegan. I ordered the burger, and it came out on what looked to be a regular wheat bun. Luckily I asked them, and they said the didn't know I wanted a gluten-free bun! No apologies. It also had mayo on it (not vegan). Ten-15 minutes later, it comes back out on a gluten-free bun, with mayo. I had to find them to tell them about the mayo, and they rolled their eyes and took it back. Ten-15 minutes later, they bring it back out. The bun was the same bun, with the mayo scraped off! Everyone else had finished eating at this point, so I told them I wasn't paying for the burger. They still made me pay for the fries that I never ate. Not once did I receive an apology, even though I was understanding the entire time.

    I would highly recommend people avoid going there as they don't seem to take allergies/celiac seriously.