I am no longer a sushi virgin

Believe it or not... I am 25 and I just had my first taste of sushi.

Perhaps it is because I have been vegetarian (no fish) for nearly 13 years... or the fact that I've been gluten-free for almost 6 years and feared that gluten would sneak into my rice rolls... I never ventured into the world of sushi.

Anyway... I went to Sushi K Express in Cloverdale Mall (Toronto) and asked the man behind the counter if any of the products were gluten-free/wheat-free.  He was very knowledgeable and immediately told me only the vegetarian ones were free of wheat.  Perfect!  (Imitation crab and stuff is usually made with wheat gluten.)

He offered to make a fresh batch, instead of offering me the ones that were sitting in the display case.  I watched as he prepared the sushi, made with avocado, cucumber, rice and seaweed sheets.  He wiped the counter down before cutting up the pieces and gave me the tray of fresh sushi.

I will definitely be back for more.  Now I understand the sushi craze!

Now if I could only figure out how to use these chopsticks...


  1. Careful with soy sauce though! I learned that the hard way.

  2. I just had it for the first time the other day too. I had these cucumber avocado ones in your picture. Yumm. I had some salmon ones too. Really healthy eats.

  3. You have to watch them prepare the sushi and ask that everything is done on clean surfaces and dishes.

  4. I love sushi! We have been making it at home lately.. so I can control the ingredients. It's not difficult, but a bit time consuming.

  5. I love sushi, going to all you can eat tomorrow. :) Eel, tamago, crab, anything "crunchy" (deep fried) has to be avoided for sure but I find the more "plain" sushis are always okay, e.g. shrimp, salmon, tuna, snapper, mackerel, and of course the cucumber and avocado are great. Try seaweed salad too! I love the mayo/hot sauce combo they put on some, and it's okay for us. I always bring my own soy sauce.

  6. Soy sauce contamination is a common misconception for us GFs. Cheap ones will have gluten, but the most popular brand on the planet, VH, does not and can be used as liberally as we like!