PC introduces a new Gluten-Free Cookie!!

RECIPE TO RICHES is a new competitive reality series where each week, Canadian home cooks battle to have their original recipes become a President’s Choice product, win $25,000 and become eligible for a grand prize of $250,000.

On last night's episode of Recipes to Riches, Sonya Walos' gluten-free chocolate chip cookie recipe was up against two other recipes in the "Snack" category. Contending recipes included a "S'more" and a strange sounding "Bacon and Pancake Cookie," neither of which were gluten-free.

Amazingly, the gluten-free cookie became a favourite of the judges and the recipe will be packaged and sold under the President's Choice brand name in stores starting this weekend!  It is called The Smart Cookie, and is described as: "A sinfully good cookie made with milk chocolate chips, coconut, puffed corn, quinoa and crisp brown rice."
Sonya had attempted 160 different gluten-free chocolate chip cookie recipes until she came up with the perfect soft-baked recipe for the show, that even her non-gluten-free friends loved.

I would like to thank my friend Dahlia, who tweeted me with this amazing news last night!  Thanks!

Check out my review!

How cool is this?!  Will you be on the lookout for the new gluten-free cookies in stores?


  1. Awesome news! Hopefully this will pave the way for a whole line of PC GF products =D

  2. Does anyone know why she can't win the $250,000??

  3. They found out she has a family member who is connected to the show, which disqualifies her.

  4. Never mind a President's Choice line of GF products. I just wish Loblaws would start carrying PatsyPie. You'd think they would, since it's a Canadian company too.

  5. I watched the episode and was delighted that it was a Gluten Free cookie that won. Since they are now on the shelves I purchased a box and I'm equally delighted with their taste and texture. There is something I was disappointed with though. Although the box clearly states it is a gluten free product the box shows they are made in a 'Peanut free' environment but says nothing about being made in a 'wheat free, gluten free' environment.

  6. The CCA covered your question, Bev Johnson - http://www.celiac.ca/blog/index.php/2011/11/18/presidents-choice-gf-cookie/