President's Choice Gluten-Free Cookie Review

On Thursday I announced that President's Choice would be introducing a new gluten-free cookie.  Recipe to Riches named Sonya Walos' gluten-free chocolate chip cookies the winner of the "Snack" challenge.  The cookies are named The Smart Cookie.

I called some stores and went wandering in search of the cookies... with no success.  The elusive cookies would have to wait.

Turns out my friend Jaclyn found the cookies on Thursday and said the following:
Way better than I'd thought they'd be. Sweet, kinda crunchy and chocolatey; definitely buy again. Joseph [my husband] likes them too. He says if no one told him they're gluten-free he wouldn't know.
Keep in mind, both Jaclyn and her husband are chefs and have pretty high standards!  So the cookies MUST be good, right?

I finally found the cookies on Friday evening at my local grocery store.  The cost was $3.99 for 200g.  I bought two boxes.

First thought - wow!  They managed to package gluten-free cookies that taste like homemade!

These cookies are not crunchy or crumbly or tasteless like a lot of other store bought cookies. (I won't mention any names.)  Good amount of chocolate chips and coconut, with a smidgen of cinnamon peeking through.

I have a huge sweet tooth... and even I find these very sweet.  Sugar is the first ingredient.  You'll likely only be able to eat one or two in one sitting.

You can find the full ingredient list and some reviews of the product on the President's Choice website.  

Sugar, milk chocolate chips )sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder, unsweetened chocolate, soy lecithin, vanilla extract), whole grain brown rice flour, palm and canola and modified palm oils, unsweetened coconut (contains sulphites) brown sugar, potato starch, butter, honey, puffed corn, flaxseeds, dried whole egg, puffed quinoa, crisp brown rice (whole grain brown rice, evaporated cane juice, salt), natural flavour, baking soda, baking powder, cinnamon, xanthan gum, salt.

When I heard the ingredients on the show, I thought these cookies would be similar to a (mock) oatmeal cookie, with the puffed corn, puffed quinoa and crisp brown rice added in the mix.  They aren't.  They have the texture of a typical home-baked chocolate chip cookie.  As seen on the show, I think it would be difficult for a non-Celiac to notice the lack of gluten/regular flour.
I want to point out that the cookies have a definite coconut flavour.  On the box, coconut is only mentioned in the small writing at the bottom and in the ingredients... but it should be made more prominent.  It's definitely a key ingredient.  If you don't like coconut, these cookies probably shouldn't be on your grocery shopping list.  But if you do (like me) these cookies are a winner.

The cookies seem to be getting mixed reviews on the website.  I'm wondering if maybe the hype has raised some people's expectations... or maybe they don't like coconut.  At any rate, The Smart Cookie will in my cupboard.

If you would like to help me encourage President's Choice to label their current products that are gluten-free, visit my blog post from yesterday.

Missed the show on TV or want to watch again?  Watch online!

If you would like to try making Sonya Walos' cookies at home, you can find the recipe here.

Edit: A fan of Gluten-Free Ontario, Lisa Noonan, took it upon herself to make the recipe at home and send me a picture!  She subbed in gluten-free crispy rice for the Nature's Path Vanilla Sunrise Cereal that the recipe called for and cut back on the chocolate chips a bit and got great results! Yum!

Have you tried The Smart Cookie?

Do you like it?


  1. Great review! To me the cookies were okay... I'm not a big coconut fan so I think that had a lot to do with it. Also, I think I was expecting a chewy cookie like what the Betty Crocker mix makes (wish they would sell the darn stuff here!). If they were put in front of me again I definitely would not say no.

  2. my husband LOVED these cookies oh my they were so delicious ... but not exactly healthy!! loved the crunch though!