Hero Burger Offers GF Veggie Burger!

Hero Certified Burgers has decided to switch to a new gluten-free version for their veggie burgers!!
A couple months ago, I went to Hero Certified Burgers to get a veggie burger with a gluten-free bun (buns supplied by O'Doughs).  The menu advertised that their veggie burger supplier is Sol Cuisine, a company known for producing a wide range of gluten-free veggie burgers that taste great - I even wrote a blog about Sol Cuisine.

To my surprise, the chain used a pure wheat gluten version of the veggie burgers!!  Ahhh, needless to say, I went hungry that day.

When I got home that day, I emailed Hero Burger to ask why they used a wheaty veggie burger when they proudly advertise the use of a gluten-free bun and have an awesome gluten-free veggie burger supplier (Sol Cuisine).  The person I exchanged emails with agreed that this was unfair to customers who are both vegetarian and gluten-free - like me!!

I just spoke with Sol Cuisine yesterday and have been told that Hero Certified Burgers has decided to change the veggie burgers to be gluten-free!  woohoo!  Never thought I'd be able to eat a veggie burger with bun at a fast food joint!

This new burger should be available soon... I will keep you guys posted when I get more information.

Don't worry... they still have their gluten-free 100% beef patty for you meat-eaters.

My burger will look something like this ;)

Who's excited to try the new burger?  Or at least excited for me to eat a burger again?


  1. Yay! Great job getting this done, Jax! I'll definitely check this out when the GF veggie burgers are there!

  2. I'm at HB right now! So excited for this.

  3. Thanks for your post. I was a regular at Hero Burger and every time I went in they would ask me "do you have an allergy?". Each time I would say "no" I'm Celiac, it's an autoimmune disease, they would then refuse to make my burger gluten free. They said it's a lot of work, that they have to use a separate work space etc for allergies to gluten only.

    They need to stop asking if it's an allergy, it's an autoimmune disease. Having to recount my health history and admit to celiac disease every time I order a gluten free dinner is annoying.

    When someone orders "gluten free" they should just make their order gluten free without them having to publicly disclose health history.