Williams-Sonoma Gluten-Free Mixes and Flours

I recently read on a Facebook Group that Williams-Sonoma offers a gluten-free "Cup-for-Cup" flour mix.  It is meant to be used in your favourite gluteny recipes by simply replacing the wheat flour with the Williams-Sonoma Flour Mix.

I happened to pass by a Williams-Sonoma store the other day and popped in to check out the gluten-free selection.  To my surprise, they had a few gluten-free flour mixes!  The excitement ends there...
This was meant to be a review post... but sadly, it is not.  And I will explain why.

The price.

If I remember correctly, the 3-pound bag of C4C Flour was $29 Canadian.  And don't even get me started on the price of the waffle mix or cookie mix... I tried to block it from my memory.  I believe it was something like $26.50.  I could be wrong... but even if I am, it was something around there.  [If you go on their website, the prices are in US dollars... and the Canadian website has absolutely no information or prices for the products.]

For a second I thought, hmm, maybe I'll suck it up just for the sake of writing a review.  Then I realized, no, I don't care how good it is, I can't justify spending that kinda money to make a batch of cookies or waffles.

I'm not poor.  [By some definitions, maybe I am.] I just choose to spend my money more wisely.

I see on their website that some people have purchased the flour mix and some have had success with it... others complain that it contains milk powder.  I agree - lots of Celiacs have issues with milk and putting milk powder in there cuts out a huge portion of the potential customers.

But I think that price scares away even more people than the milk.

I completely understand that gluten-free flours are more expensive than regular flour.  Really, I do.  I work in a health food store... I see the wholesale prices compared to the "regular" products we sell.

And yes, I know Williams-Sonoma is notorious for having pricey products... but I find $25+ for a 3-pound bag of flour or cookie mix or waffle mix ridiculous!  I can get a kilogram (over 2 pounds) of ORGANIC flour for less than $10.

I will stick to my Bob's Red Mill and Cuisine Soleil flours, thank you.

Have any of your dished out the cash for the Williams-Sonoma gluten-free products?
Would you consider purchasing the products for those prices?


  1. Your post left me speechless for a while. How can a company justify such outrageous prices? That's pure greed to me. I get that it's a "high end" store but oh my! I am really glad you did not put money into the DEEP pockets of this company.

  2. At those prices I'll stick to Bob's Red Mill too! You might as well buy the pre-made product of whatever you were going to make from scratch. I finally found some Udi's bread at Sobeys and find it's the best tasting yet!

  3. Well, Jax, I would not purchase a flour mix at those prices. i will continue to blend my own, or buy an El Peto/Arrowhead Mills type mix when I run out. It's also a big financial commitment to drop $25+ on a product you may/may not like. 4lbs of Alterna GF mix is about $20. This is not apples and oranges math, it's another big company taking more $$$ out of our budget.

  4. Joanne McCarthy YanoNovember 21, 2011 1:03 pm

    No I wouldn't apy the price. I have always found them way too pricey for most food items. I like my Molly B flour mixes for a cup to cup switch. I did it successfully on the weekend for some snacking cake - you would not know they were GF.

  5. That's a lot of money! I browse at the store, but rarely buy things, because of the price in the store. I've gotten whisks and the like.

    $26 for a sack of flour is a lot, not sure what that is in American dollar, though this is the type of flour i get from my local grocery store : http://www.giftsofnature.net/Product-Search.asp?Keywords=flour+&Submit.x=25&Submit.y=17

  6. Williams-Sonoma prices are generally a lot for everything they sell. The only exception is the line of gf flavourings by Nielsen-Massey they carry. I'm sure there are other "cup for cup" mixes available that are much more affordable.


  7. Unfortunately Bob's Red Mill all purpose flour is made with beans which is a no no for me. I use the El Peto brand which I buy at Bulk Barn. It's base is rice flour which also doesn't really agree with me but better than the bean flour. It's $21.65 for 2.5 kg. which is still very expensive compared to regular wheat flours.

  8. I get my flours at the Bulk Barn, I mix my own, using rice flours, bean flours and some others that they have available, some in bulk and some in individual boxes. It still turns out a little pricey & I have a ton of containers full of flour, but it`s been pretty good so far, I`ve tried a few different combinations and found that depending on what i`m making, the mix of flours differs, which i`m sure you all already know. I`m new to Gluten free cooking and baking, so i`m still experimenting. Any suggestions on a gluten free, soy free, soy sauce replacer...

  9. I have been fortunate to get Authentic Foods Superfine Brown Rice Flour which is fantastic. And the price is around $11 for 3 pounds. They also have the Classical Blend that is used in the cookbook Gluten-free baking Classics by Annalise G. Roberts. Her recipes are simple and always turn out great. My husband loves my baking and does not have celiac!

  10. And by the way, no, I would not pay $28 for flour! That company is taking advantage of people that have a health problem, and that does bother me.

  11. So I have been very fortunate to find a flour that is fantastic. And it's only around $11 for 3 pouonds. It is from Authentic Foods. Their superfine brown rice flour is fantastic. And they have a Classical Blend that is used in the cookbook Gluten-free Baking Classics from Annalise G. Roberts. The best cookbook ever! Her recipes are simple and always turn out great. Everyone loves my baking, wheter they have celiac or not! I would not pay more than that for gluten-free flour. I do not approve of companies that take advantage of people who have a health problem like celiac

  12. GF/Soy-free soy sauce replacement - I have heard of this product, but never tried it myself - http://www.coconutsecret.com/aminos2.html